Yotei Tai Chi Club

A constant dropping will wear a hole in the stone.

"Dī shuǐ chuān shí" Over time, a droplet of rainwater, repeatedly falling on the surface of a stone, will gradually wear a hole”. This saying was passed to me by my Tai Chi master and is very important, and the philosophical meaning behind this proverb carries, an abundance of wisdom.


Only through sheer determination and daily practice, can the real benefits of Tai Chi be obtained. Through our training, we aim to uphold healthy respect and retain gratitude towards Tai Chi, enabling it to become the essence of our life.  



Zen is finding a silence and emptying your mind and focusing your mind on your breathing. Tai chi is a moving form of Zen. 

Performing Tai chi in a state of Zen, strangely the body is released from daily worries and stress.  The sensation one feels can be likened to being deep in a forest or lost in a dream. When you reach this state you start to see more and understand more.

For us this is something I term as being “ ONE WITH NATURE ”. We hope you are able to experience this feeling through this activity.

Yotei 24 Form TaiChi 

Yotei 24 Form TaiChi


Stage 1 85 Form TaiChi

Currently, we practice in the following locations.   


  • Rankoshi /Rankoshi Town General Gymnasium 
  • Niseko / Niseko Chomin Center
  • Otaru City /Otaru City General Gymnasium 
  • Otaru City /Asari Classe Hotel  
  • Private Sessions



Dates and Times: 

Every Wednesday - 18:00 to 19:30 

Details: Yang Style 85 Movement TaiChi

Cost: 1000 yen per lesson 

Location:Rankoshi General Gymnasium 


Dates and Times: 

Every Thursday - 9:00 to 11:00 

Details: Yang Style 85 Movement TaiChi

Cost: 1500 yen per lesson 

Location:Niseko Chomin Center


Dates and Times: 

Sunday every week 10:00 - 11:30

Details: Yang Style 85 Movement TaiChi

Cost: 1200 yen per lesson 

Location: Otaru General Gymnasium 

Private Session

Private or group sessions in the comfort of your accommodation can be arranged. Ask for more details.

The cost: 3,000yen in 60minutes. 
The location: Taichi can be anywhere if there is a space of a certain amount of space. Is there such a space? If not, I will rent a public place somewhere.