Mugwort Steam

"Cold is the cause of all illnesses"

Cold may be the cause of various illnesses. Especially in cold Hokkaido, many people are cold.

Mugwort Steaming is the best for improving coldness. Mugwort steam is a therapy that warms the body from the core by absorbing herbal ingredients from the mucous membrane of the lower body, which absorbs wormwood vapor dozens of times better than the skin.


Improvement of natural healing power

Metabolism promotion

Improvement of stiff shoulders and back pain

Detox effect

Relaxing effect

Beautiful skin

Relief of menstrual pain

Improvement of gynecology, etc.


The sweat that slowly warms up from the inside of the body and comes out is smooth and has no odor, and is moist and glossy after finishing.

Please experience it.


Mugwort Steam

Relax while your body absorbs heat from steamed Mugwort, this acts as a detox, beauties skin, treats chills and women’s gynaecological issues. 



Reservations and inquiries

Rankoshi: Mon to Sat 

Otaru: Sun

*Home treatment is possible If you live in the Rankoshi, Otaru and surrounds, Kutchan or Niseko areas, please ask about this service.  


Please make reservations and inquiries by phone or email.

You will not be able to answer the phone during the procedure, so please leave a message on the answering machine and we will contact you shortly.

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