Tok sen

What is Tok sen?

In the Thai, Language Tok means “Tap” and “Sen” refers to the stimulation of the bodies pressure point meridian. The vibrations emitted from the gentle tapping on a rod with a mallet, penetrate deep into the bodies tissue and stimulate key pressure points and the bodies meridian. The process loosens stiff areas, reduces inflammation and promotes general wellness. The rhythmical vibration of the tapping is very therapeutical, encouraging blood circulation, and after treatment, patients feel fresh. 


There is no risk of feeling any rebound pain from the process, give it a try, next time you are in this part of Hokkaido. 


Hiroko Sato


Born and raised in Otaru City, when I turned 30 years old, I first started TaiChi. My body was extremely stiff and gradually became more supple. Pain caused by stiff shoulders and backache which had persisted for much of my life was relieved. TaiChi has allowed my body to become more agile; it has also taught me many new life skills and altered many of my values, including the way I think and my feelings have changed. Our “hearts/minds and our bodies” are interlinked, realizing this, made me want to learn more, I felt a desire to see my family and those people close to me “happy” and pain-free. 

One day totally out of the blue, while having an incredibly relaxing massage during a holiday visit to Thailand, I decided I want to learn “Thai Style Massage”. After returning to Japan, I studied "Tok Sen" and " Thai traditional mallet therapy " (Tok Sen is a Thai traditional therapy that uses a mallet and rod) at the Sapporo Sala School of Thai Massage. 


I moved to Rankoshi with my Husband who is an Acupuncture, Moxibustion and TaiChi Master/Specialist, we have converted a house into a clinic, and on the 1st floor we have an Acupuncture/Massage Clinic “Suikinkutsu”, and on the 2nd floor we operate a Salon called “Saai Roang.”


Tok Sen 

Enjoy a relaxing and refreshing massage that uses a wooden mallet and rod and a gentle tapping action to relieve tension. This treatment can be matched to individual needs and symptoms and combined with traditional Thai therapy is very effective at making your body feel great. 



Steamed Mugwort

Relax while your body absorbs heat from steamed Mugwort, this acts as a detox, beauties skin, treats chills and women’s gynaecological issues. 



Reservations and inquiries

Rankoshi: Mon to Sat 

Otaru: Sun

*Home treatment is possible If you live in the Rankoshi, Otaru and surrounds, Kutchan or Niseko areas, please ask about this service.  


Please make reservations and inquiries by phone or email.

You will not be able to answer the phone during the procedure, so please leave a message on the answering machine and we will contact you shortly.

iPhone: 090-7514-1082